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Media Forte SF16-FMD2 (Vibra128+FM radio).

I wrote linux kernel driver (video4linux) for Media Forte SF16-FMD2 (Vibra128+FM radio) radio card. This driver controls SF16-FMD2 radio card (mute, unmute, set frequency).

Kernel patches

To add SF16-FMD2 to your linux kernel download the following patches:

- SF16-FMD2 patch for the 2.2.14 linux kernel.

- SB-MIXER patch for the 2.2.14 linux kernel. This patch adds channel Line1 (FM Radio) to mixer device. So, you'll be able to control the radio volume with mixer and record from radio source in stereo.

Patches also work at kernel up to 2.2.18.


Command line version (mute, unmute, set frequency, scan stations, volume control): FMD2.

Window Maker dock applet WMTune patched for FMD2 : WMTUNE-1.0.


Helpful Creative sound chips documentation: ctsbhwpg.exe.

Information about Philips FM radio chip TEA5757 & 5759: TEA5757_5759_3.pdf.


Comments and suggestions please send to me, Andy Ramensky.

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